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More Prefer Life Term to the Death Penalty

The Public Policy Institute of California (PPIC) just released their newest poll.

Here are the findings on the death penalty, from their press release, “More Prefer Life Term to Death Penalty”:

The survey did not include specific questions about Proposition 34, which would repeal the death penalty, or Proposition 36, which would revise the three strikes law, but did ask about some of the concepts behind them.

Asked about the penalty for first-degree murder, 50 percent of likely voters say life imprisonment with absolutely no possibility of parole should be the penalty, while 42 percent say it should be death.

Results were similar in September 2011 (50% life imprisonment, 45% death penalty). Among likely voters, most Democrats (66%) prefer life imprisonment and most Republicans (58%) prefer the death penalty, while independents are split (42% life).

The full poll (pdf) is available here.

In other words, we are winning, but we have a lot more work to do to solidify our victory!